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AROC - Romanian Association of Promoters of Concerts and Cultural Events is a professional organization, founded by 12 members, some of the most representative actors on the Romanian market of festivals and concerts.
        The association aims to create and develop the organizational framework necessary to promote the professional, legislative and economic interests of the organizers of concerts and cultural events in Romania and to develop institutionalized relationships with civil society and public authorities at national level and with other similar organizations in the country and from abroad, for carrying out activities and initiatives that promote freedom of expression, professional de-ontology, excellence and the values ​​of these professions.
        The Association aims, in order to achieve this goal, to fulfill some clearly stated objectives:

  • Defends, through specific modalities, the interests of the promoters of concerts and cultural events in Romania in relation to the institutions of the rule of law, with the economic environment in the country and abroad;
  • It ensures a climate of collaboration and collegiality between all its members, so that, beyond the specific differences and loyalty of the competition on the market of producers and promoter, the support, promotion and defense of common interests prevail;
  • It assumes the solution, by specific regulations, of all the cases that are signaled or self-identified, in violation of the de-ontological norms of the profession of producer or promoter of shows;
  • Take public attitude, prompt and firm, regarding any situation in which different institutions of the state leases, in one form or another, unrestricted access to information in the exercise of these professions;
  • Initiates and participates in the elaboration of legislative proposals regarding the exercise of these professions or its relations with the authorities of the central and local administration;
  • It aims to become the main institution of legitimate and authorized representation of the promoters of concerts and cultural events in Romania internally and internationally, based on the prestige, the audience, the territorial and professional scope, the authority and its organizational structures;
  • Collaborates with specialized university environment institutions.

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Codruta Vulcu

Codruta Vulcu is the Founder and Director of ARTmania Festival one of Romania's most established events with it´s 11th edition scheduled for 2016, promoting mainly rock & metal acts. In 2014 she launched ... [see more]

Guido Janssens

Belgian born Guido Janssens started his career in the entertainment field as singer in a couple of locally known pop/rock-bands and co-founder of non-profit organization M.O.T. (Music On Top) , an ONG supporting up and coming...[see more]

Nicoleta Mihai

Having a Master's degree at SNSPA - Managerial Communication and Human Resources, after more than a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, starting with 2010 Nicoleta Mihai began to attend...[see more]

Aroc is a young organization, but it includes experienced voices and who have demonstrated, over time, long-term involvement and good practices.
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