Thanks to our members for the kind words. Together we have a responsibility that honors us but also obliges us to be better, the open objective of AROC being to actively contribute to a healthy business environment in terms of the music industry in Romania.

The event organizers industry in Romania needed an authorized and relevant voice to express, mainly in front of the authorities, a rational point of view, formulated through consultations with the main local promoters - Codruta Vulcu, Vice president AROC

AROC signifies a major step forward in professionalizing Romania's live events industry. Our members are the countries most important and dedicated promoters and we welcome any new member that is willing, ready & able to contribute to a healthy live event scene in the country - Guido Janssens, President AROC

AROC manages to unite the industry of cultural events and concerts in Romania, taking an extremely important step in efficient communication with the public and the authorities. Promoting culture is an important pawn in the image of each country and I am glad to be part of this team - Daniel Draghici, board member AROC

AROC is an important first step for the local showbiz, perhaps the most important so far. Finally, 25 years after the Revolution, we have another revolution: some of the most important local promoters have understood that it is the most important thing to pull together for the same goals. I have always wanted a professional industry association, a strong association to represent my interests and help me learn from my colleagues or share with them my experience and my ideas, so I am glad that after so many years of activity I finally managed to be part of one, in addition to being a also founding member. We wrote a small part of history together - Emil Ionescu, board member AROC

The events industry in Romania has grown a lot in recent years based on the enthusiasm and hard work of more and more organizers and professionals in the field. I strongly believe that the next evolutionary step is to get to know each other, to collaborate with each other and to join forces in stabilizing and growing this organic and healthy industry. The entire cultural sector needs more cooperation and organization. AROC can play a crucial role in this step, which is why I chose to get involved, which I recommend to other colleagues - Alin Vaida, board member AROC

All the big event organizers have a great goal in common, respectively they want to make Romania known on the globe. This country project needs all the actors involved to work together. This is also the role of AROC, to bring together the industry so that together we can make Romania one of the most attractive countries in the world when it comes to fun, music and unique experiences! We are also dedicated to contribute to the development of tourism, to support local communities and to encourage all those who want to do beautiful things in Romania, through the power of their own example - Bogdan Buta - board member AROC

Aroc is a young organization, but it includes experienced voices and who have demonstrated, over time, long-term involvement and good practices.
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