Since its initial conception in 2002 as a small seaside bar in Vama Veche, Expirat grew constantly and morphed into a full-fledged cultural operator with tight links to the local live and DJ scenes. Slowly securing its spot as the go-to-place for mid-scale live concerts, electronic music clubnights and multidisciplinary events, Expirat hosts well over 200 concerts, clubnights, performances and cultural events per year, that together attract almost 100.000 attendees.

Photo: Vladimir Pogonariu

Operating in Bucharest, within the historic confines of Halele Carol, in a fully refurbished and fully equipped factory that can accomodate 500 pax per event, as well as in two additional open air annexes, Expirat conducts its bookings in the broadest sense, hosting established local bands and relevant electronic music DJs as well as exciting local or international talent and emerging styles in a bid to diversify its programming at its fullest while still maintaining bedrock status for the local underground culture.

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