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„diMANSIONS" is a hit music festival with a touch of nostalgia! Its traditional venue is the domain of the "Miko" Castle in Olteni, Covasna County, 35 km distance from Brasov, one of the most visited cities in Romania. 

The name "diMANSIONS " is a wordplay between the words "dimensions" and "mansions" . The resulting term tries to communicate the multitude of experiences and types of activities within the festival, but also allows a subtle localisation of the event in Covasna, also known as "The Land of Mansions".

The symbol of the event is the giant blue Kayam tent that can host thousands of music lovers. 

The festival organisers are Comparty - an events & advertising company and "Asociația Pentru Comunitate" - one of the most prolific NGOS  in the area, with 15 years of event organising experience.  The promoter, specialized in "retro" music and World music, dreams to build a multi-cultural and multi-age event in one of the most beautiful regions of the country, bringing together parents & their children, Romanians and Hungarians, locals & tourists.

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