AROC – A year end retrospective - 2020

Published on December 21, 2020

The year that is almost over has certainly been a year marked entirely by the health crisis caused by Covid-19, but as the ability to adapt is what makes the difference between the position of loser or that of winner, AROC has concentrated its forces so that the voice of the organizers of concerts and cultural events can be heard and to get over the challenges of a completely atypical year.

Our main directions of action consisted in the elaboration, together with the authorities, of some mechanisms of financial support for the companies organizing events so that they can pass well the period in which there are restrictions and they cannot carry out their activity in normal parameters.

We detail below the AROC actions materialized until the end of 2020:

- Completion of negotiations with UCMR-ADA resulting in a correct methodology for the organizers of concerts and cultural events - the new methodology can be found here - show-monitor-official-04.2020.pdf

- Introduction of CAEN codes specific to event organizers among the CAEN codes that benefited from the law on amending and supplementing Law 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, as well as other normative acts by which legal entities benefited of the postponement of payment terms for profit tax, income tax, payroll tax, social security contributions, value added tax, building tax, etc.

- Participation in the making of a guide for the opening of out-door events (in May 2020) following the Government's initiative to lift restrictions, due to which outdoor cultural events took place throughout the summer (even some AROC members had the opportunity to organize their events, even if in a smaller version - TIFF, Jazz in the Park or Plai Festival).

- Obtaining the possibility to transform the tickets already purchased by the public at the events postponed in 2020, into vouchers that can be used at the next editions of the events - according to OUG 70/2020.

- Obtaining a new time frame for obtaining the certificate for emergency situations (CSU) - August 1 - September 15, 2020, the period in which MEEMA issued emergency certificates, upon request (for those who failed to request it in the emergency period from April 2020). CSU was a condition for accessing grants for IMMs in the context of the Covid19 crisis .

- Introduction of CAEN codes specific to event organizers among the CAEN codes accepted when accessing grants from EU funds (microgrants, working capital grants and investment grants) for IMMs in the context of the Covid19 crisis.

- The initiative of a new state aid scheme for the cultural industry, discussions with the authorities and the formulation of a draft to help the organizers of concerts and cultural events for the next period in which events will be allowed again.

- AROC's adherence to the Concordia Confederation, which will give us access to information services, assistance and representation in social dialogue, relations with public institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, mass media, relevant European and international institutions and organizations.

In 2020 AROC welcomed 11 new members who helped us to have an even broader vision of the Romanian music industry, so that we could manage through our actions to represent the organizers of concerts and cultural events of all sizes.

AROC means being part of a larger community that shares the same goals and the same principles, the same issues (if any); members can learn from each other and share best practices, build strong and lasting relationships and they can easily find reliable partners for possible collaborations and projects.

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