Press release AROC - Events industry in Romania, ready to return to normal!

Published on September 10, 2020

After the inclusion of the cultural sector in the state aid scheme to be launched, through which they can access non-reimbursable funds for working capital and non-reimbursable funds for investments, the Government invites the entrepreneurial cultural-musical sector to the discussion table for a better management of the sanitary measures drawn up for the industry.

The Romanian Association of Concert and Cultural Events Organizers (AROC) is optimistic about the revival of medium and large live events. Following the productive meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan and with representatives of the Government on September 9 a.c., the foundations were successfully laid for the revival of the live sector in 2021, in conditions of maximum security.

In the next period, working groups will be organized, under the coordination of Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan, between the two parties mentioned above, meant to find solutions for restarting the events industry in the country. The events industry, not only in Romania, but worldwide, is among the sectors severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, being among the only industries that have the activity cancelled in proportion of almost 100% for a period of at least 1 year.

AROC is glad to have found in the Romanian Government an open and consistent partner in understanding the problems of this sector, actively dealing with finding support solutions for each segment of the events industry.

The inter-ministerial working groups that will start their work during the next week (September 14-18) will have the opportunity to explore solutions and create a better understanding of the specifics of this sector, providing authorities with detailed knowledge and suggestions for a better management now and in the future.

The three working groups will explore three major themes, such as economic, technical and legislative, respectively:

1. Measures for support and economic recovery of the musical and festival cultural sector;

2. An event revival plan, which will involve technical and safety measures for both the organizers and the participating public;

3. Legislative measures for support and coherent and sustainable regulations of the cultural-musical sector.

Recognizing the difficulties faced by the live events industry, the Government aims to create a state aid scheme for this industry, which contributes significantly to Romania's image at the country brand level and as well as from an economic point of view in terms of cultural tourism.

The festival culture, with an annual business model, does not benefit from the partial reopening of the sector, and a collapse of this industry would lead to a chain of failures from production companies, scenotechnics, logistics, which would have serious effects on technicians and workers who operates in these related industries.

The events industry in Romania means thousands of companies and NGOs involved in organizing indoor and outdoor events, concerts, festivals, etc., all of which gathers tens of thousands of employees, suppliers and collaborators, whose professional activity has been severely affected, in most cases completely stopped.

In this context, government support is a breath of fresh air after many months of suffering, insecurity and immobility.

“We are pleased that Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan was available to receive the Romanian Association of Organizers of Concerts and Cultural Events (AROC) to discuss the problems that  this industry is facing.

I believe that the biggest achievement of our meeting is the creation of an inter-ministerial working group under the coordination of the Deputy Prime Minister who will analyse the sanitary, fiscal and legal measures to support the industry, in which the entrepreneurial musical-cultural sector will be involved.

Revival measures must be correlated with the practical reality that AROC members and not only face. The private sector is very open to work with the Government and state authorities to discuss and draw up ways for the gradual and safe reopening of the cultural area.

We believe that the involvement of the private sector in these discussions can bring a plus and will lead to the optimization of health measures imposed on the cultural sector which at this time are often designed without taking into account the reality of practice due to insufficient knowledge of how to organize a concert, event, etc. The fact that the Government shows openness and dialogue gives us confidence that we will get through this difficult period.

We are convinced that only through a close collaboration between the state authorities and the private sector Romania will get out stronger from this unprecedented crisis. ” Codruţa Vulcu, Vice President of AROC 

The Romanian Association of Concert and Cultural Events Organizers (AROC) aims to create and develop the organizational framework necessary to promote the professional, legislative and economic interests of the organizers of concerts and cultural events in Romania and to develop institutionalized relations with civil society and public authorities at national level and with other similar organizations in the country and abroad, for carrying out activities and initiatives that promote freedom of expression, professional deontology, excellence and the values ​​of these professions.

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