Press release - Invitation for collaboration between representatives of the private sector in the cultural area and the state authorities in the special context generated by COVID-19

Published on March 18, 2020

The organizers of concerts and cultural events in Romania welcome the decisions taken by the Romanian authorities in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Those who operate in the area of ​​cultural events - organization companies, production, logistics, ticketing, as well as employees and collaborators - declare their support to the efforts of the authorities and makes a call to sick together to of their work: the Romanian public for concerts, festivals and cultural events. To support all those who make every effort in these difficult days, to respect their work and recommendations, and to hope together in a happy and swift outcome.

At the same time, organized in the Romanian Association of Organizers of Concerts and Cultural Events (AROC), the largest companies in the cultural events industry asked the Government for consultations and proposed measures aimed at rescuing employees, collaborators, freelancers and families of those active in this area, severely affected in the context of this pandemic. Analyzing the impact that the outbreak of the pandemic has on the industry and having in mind the directly involved and related companies (ticket companies, technical equipment, etc.) on which the lives of thousands of people depend, we need to draw attention to the economic and social effect, that this unprecedented situation has.

"This pandemic does not only mean canceling / postponing events and stopping tickets sales, but also raises the question upon public or private partnerships, with the support of which we can pay the salaries of those who work with us. We make all the necessary steps to convey the correct message to the authorities - to analyze the serious impact that the current context has on this industry and to implement a series of concrete measures meant to support the representatives of the cultural and events industry in the coming months. ” , says Codruta Vulcu - AROC President.

The information sent to the Government of Romania, to the Ministry of Economy, to the Ministry of Public Finance and ANAF propose measures without which the industry of organizing events in Romania will face an unprecedented crisis.

"There is a need for measures to support event organizers, production and logistics companies, professional freelancers working in this field, independent artists etc; otherwise, an industry that has built up in years of work will collapse in a few weeks, with no chance of recovery in the coming years. And this collapse will mark the lives of tens of thousands of families whose lives depend on the income generated by the industry ”, adds Codruta Vulcu.

AROC assures all those who wish to see their favorite artists that all the organizers, logistics and production companies, ticket companies, artists and musicians are working at a sustained rhythm to develop the scheduled events that willtake place at the end of spring, if the restrictions will be lifted. Only that, at this point, they are doing this from home.

AROC consists on the organizers of the biggest festivals and concerts in Romania: ARTmania (ARTmania Festival Sibiu, Blaj aLive), Association Facts (Jazz in the Park), Mozaic Association (Mozaic Jazz Festival), Best Music Live, Electric Castle, Emagic Live (Awake Festival), NEVERSEA, Plai, SNRS (Sunwaves Festival), Summer Well, UNTOLD, Why Not Us (Street Food Festival), Wise Factor.

More information can be read in the AROC press release_18.03.2020_pg 1 and AROC press release_18.03.2020_pg 2

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